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An introduction from our founder

Introducing Prime Anxiety Solutions

Keith is the founder of Prime Anxiety Solutions, based in North West, UK. The aim is to provide as much support as possible to those who suffer with mental health, no matter how big or how small with robust sessions designed specifically for you. Keith has experienced mental health first hand over many years and has a truly inspirational story.

Over the next few weeks, this website and social media channels will be filled with helpful content, we have many exciting updates and developments in the pipeline, stay tuned. If you or someone you know that would benefit from our help, please do not hesitate to get in touch, it's the first step towards a better mental health. 

Prime Anxiety Solutions has a global out reach, no matter where you are, we can help.

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Gary Skyner, stand up comedian & motivational speaker

Gary Skyner was just one of the amazing people that Keith helped. Gary, a stand up comedian and motivational speaker born in Liverpool in 1959, he's much loved by many in the UK. You can read more about Gary on his website by clicking here. Here's what Gary had to say:
Answers to your questions 


How often would you anticipate seeing me and for how long?

This is very much up to the individual as sessions and results differ from person to person, but you must want to improve yourself and your life. Practice and therapy homework must be undertaken after each session. Practice makes perfect.

Are the sessions in person?

Due to the current climate and pandemic, all sessions are done via Zoom. The advantages of this is that you are in your own environment so you can relax more but also I can reach out to anyone in the world. 

How do I prepare for my first session?

An initial consultation will take place in which I ask each individual questions relating to their concerns and what they need help with. From there on, I will set a programme for each session.

Do you offer medication?

No. I have studied types of medications and personally I was prescribed paroxetine and fluoxetine for over 17 years until I learnt how to wean myself from them but advice is only given.

What makes you happy?

So many things but mainly family, friends, people and life itself. Making people happy gives me a buzz. I was the most negative, depressed, demotivated and sceptical person ever until I had a complete mental breakdown which made me housebound for over 6 months so I studied and learnt about positive mindset, how the brain/mind works and a rang of techniques. Now I have no barriers, no fears and have so much gratitude for what I have in my life and I know I can help others feel exactly the same way. If I ever sense or feel any panic or anxiety I know exactly what to do or use to stop it immediately.

What is a typical session like and how long are the sessions?

Each session will vary as you progress and typically last around one hour. All is asked is that each individual is in a quiet environment where they will not be disturbed at any time and ideally somewhere they can sit or lie comfortably if required during relaxation therapy. All sessions are strictly private & confidential. Notes will be taken but stored in a secure place and not disclosed to any other individual. You can ask at any time for any notes taken.

What kind/type of homework do you give to patients?

It all depends on the individual and the type of condition they have. I make homework enjoyable so you can see results for yourself, no matter how big or small.

What therapy will you offer?

A vast range of techniques that suits each individual as we are all different and learn differently so from meditation, relaxation techniques to combat panic and fear along with many other methods and strategies for all types of disorders including panic, fear, all forms of anxiety, depression, overthinking, dependency and much more. There are so many types of therapy, most of all it’s about changing your way of thinking, training the brain and mind in a positive manner so the many techniques I have used to combat many mental health disorders personally will be used including positive mindset and complete relaxation, it very much depends on the individual. Please feel free to browse my references that show success from different approach techniques.

Are you a doctor?

No. I have a diploma in psychotherapy and counselling but also like to view myself as a life coach. My chore strengths are that I’m a people person, someone who can build instant rapport and trust. I suffered personally for over 40 years with a vast range of mental health illnesses so I believe having lived through the experience and studying mental health I’m more than qualified to pass on my knowledge and techniques.

What if you can't help me?

There’s always help, I don’t believe that any human being is helpless. I am ultra confident I can help others. If I can’t treat an individual I will be honest from the outset and I’m a great believer in trust. An individual has to trust the person who is helping them and have the confidence they will receive the valued treatment and help they both require and need.

Why Choose Us?

From the comfort of your own home

Our sessions are carried out via Zoom so you don't have to go anywhere. Our sessions can be just as effective from video.

Qualified & personal experience 

Keith has not only suffered with his mental health over many years but has also studied and gained diplomas in counselling and mental health. 

Tailored to you

During sessions, Keith will tailor programmes especially designed just for you filled with everything you need to get in front of your problems. You are not alone in this.

Ready to Get Started?

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please get in touch with us today.
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